Liftmak LMFTC 8000
Liftmak LMFTC 12000
Liftmak LMFTC 15000
Liftmak LMFTC 18000


Liftmak LMFTC 8000/12000/15000/18000 fully hydraulic and foldable cranes, built in India at ISO 9001:2000 certified Liftmak works in Gurgaon, India, offer unmatched utility and operational flexibility.

Some of the applications of knuckle boom cranes: Handling stores/materials self-loading them on truck, since the crane occupies only 1.50-1.70m lateral space on the truck chassis. The precise inching control of the crane makes it possible to position any load, say for example, transformer on pole with ease.

Handling poles. As an option we can offer a special pole grab, which can assist in erection of the poles.Log handling with log grab. The grab has a hydraulic rotator to position grab as required.

Desilting of open drains with grab/clamshell. Clamshell is perforated to allow water to drain out, while retaining silt in the grab/clamshell.Drilling holes with hydraulic auger.Overhead access of street lights/any elevated point, requiring access by man, with manlift basket.

Action photographs of Liftmak LMFTC 8000/12000/15000/18000 hydraulic foldable cranes are as under. Kindly note that most customers have opted for mounting of crane at rear end of vehicle as rear mounting offers superior clear outreach (closer approach to load); however, there is no difficulty in mounting it behind drivers cabin, if so desired.


Crane in folded position. Note that crane takes only 1.55m lateral space of chassis for mounting, leaving adequate space on truck body for ‘self-loading’


Crane with telescopic booms extended, boom raised and all 4-outriggers deployed. Note operator seated in comfort on seat mounted in elevated position on slew column for commanding visibility of hook irrespective of boom position Crane featured has max horizontal reach/height 9.5m/11m respectively

1. Lifting Moment T x M 8.0 12.0 15.0 18.0
2. Maximum standard reach with hydraulic extensions MM 9500 9500 9500 9500
3. Maximum optional reach with hydraulic extensions M Up to 11.0 10.0/10.5/11.0 Up to 11.0 10.0/10.5/11.0 Up to 12.0 10.0/10.5/11.0 11.5/12.0 Up to 12.0 10.0/10.5/11.0 11.5/12.0
4. Lifting Capacity at max. standard reach of 9500mm KG. 845 1265 1500 1800
5. Max. height under hook above installation level MM 10000 10000 10000 10000
6. No. of hydraulic stabilizers No. 4 4 4 4
7. Slew Range – both directions degrees 360°+ continuous, unlimited, endless 360°+ continuous, unlimited, endless 360°+ continuous, unlimited, endless 360°+ continuous, unlimited, endless
8. Max. Height – Stowed ( from installation level ) MM 2450 2750 2750 2750
9. Stabilizers width stowed MM 2200 2500 2500 2500
10. Stabilizer width extended MM 4300 4300 4300 4300
11. Chassis G.V.W recommended KG. 11000 16000 16000 16000
12. Mounting space needed (either behind cabin or at vehicle rear) MM 1500 1500 1700 1700

Note: In view of the constant developments and improvements, specifications are subject to change without notice.

  • Other standard models available are LMFTC7500 (7.5TM), LMFTC25000 (25TM), LMFTC30000 (30TM).
  • Hydraulic Winch is offered as standard on the above models (can be deleted if not needed).
  • Additional Hydraulic / Manual extensions can be provided as optional extra.
  • Controls are provided with elevated operators seat on the slew column.
  • Optional: * Single button electronic auto-levelling of outriggers to level vehicle automatically.
  • * Load indicator at hook.
  • * Graphic display panel at crane control station indicating load, moment, reach.
  • * Grab, clamshell, log grab, pole grab, auger, manlift basket.