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The Hydraulic Platform models FF320SHD (32m working height) & FF420SHD (42m working height) designed specifically for fire fighting and rescue. It comprises of one main boom with telescopic sections and an articulated boom* (*with telescopic extensions, in case of the 42m model) with a cage mounted at the end either directly or through a tip boom, to go up over and down the other side of obstruction. An aluminium escape ladder is fitted on one side of the booms with no cross over, with access from vehicle deck till cage. In stowed position, the cage rests on the vehicle deck for easy entry/exit.

The entire unit is mounted on a turntable on an ARAI certified BS-III compliant chassis of minimum 140HP. The chassis, selected by the user in consultation with us, equipped with single driver’s cabin and external PTO is to be provided by the Purchaser at our factory.

The stowed dimensions do not exceed 12mx2.5mx4m. Front overhang is under 1m, rear overhang less than 60% of chassis wheel base.

The total weight of the built up equipment is within the chassis GVW.

Note: We may need to modify the chassis cabin and frame to facilitate the fitment of the hydraulic platform on the chassis.

The Boom is a box-type section and made of corrosion resistant high strength steel grade FE540 to IS 8500:1985 Reaffirmed 2000/ ST55 (IS 961) or superior such as Weldox®/ Domex® or equivalents. The boom sections is internally and externally treated against corrosion. The service points on chainwheels (or on wire rope pulley system) and adjusting devices for the extending chain (or wire rope) is easily accessible.

In operating position, the equipment is stabilized on 4 nos. H-type (hydraulic out and down type) outriggers having sufficient power and stroke to lift all wheels of the vehicle off firm level ground and independent controls to level the vehicle on uneven (7 degree slope, fore and aft) terrain. An electronic vehicle auto-levelling system is provided to level the vehicle automatically to an accuracy of 0.5 degree or better.

A slew restriction system is provided, which automatically prohibits the slew movement on the side where the outriggers have not been fully extended. The following 4 operating positions are possible:

1. All outriggers depressed down vertically but not extended fully horizontally: No slew movement is possible
2. Outriggers on left side extended horizontally fully but not fully on right side of vehicle: Slew permitted on left side only
3. Outriggers on right side extended horizontally fully but not fully on left side of vehicle: Slew permitted on right side only
4. All 4 outriggers are extended fully horizontally: Slew through full circle permitted, unlimited, endless, continuous
Fire Fighting Platforms
Fire Fighting Platforms
Fire Fighting Platforms Manufacturers

Electronic cage collision sensors are provided around the cage, which cuts off operation withinapproximately one meter of obstacle, after which the cut off can be over-ridden to continue the operation with caution (this facility is not available in computer bypass/override mode). In transport position, cage is stowed between driving cabin and slew. One flashing light under cage is provided.

The tentative layout* (* layout may vary somewhat from chassis to chassis) drawings of LIFTMAK MODELS FF420SHD (42M) AND FF320SHD (32M), are enclosed, indicating maximum height, reach and dimensions in transport position.

Parameters Working height
42m 32m
Maximum working height from ground level 42.0m 32.0m
Maximum cage floor height from ground level 40.0m 30.5m
Maximum safe working load (without water monitor in operation) 500kg 500kg
Maximum safe working load (with water monitor in operation) 300kg 300kg
Cage dimensions (outer) in mm ± 5% LxWxH 1045x2050x1150 1045x2050x1150
Test load for stability at full reach 750kg 750kg
Continuous unlimited rotation in both directions 360o plus, endless, continuous 360o plus, endless, continuous
Transport height less than 4.00m 4.00m
Transport length (chassis dependent) within 12.0m 12.0m
Transport width 2.50m 2.50m
Maximum outrigger width with both jacks extended (as per design) (as per design)
Maximum outrigger width with both jacks extended (as per design) (as per design)
Maximum penetration of outrigger base plate below firm horizontal ground suitable to level vehicle on incline of 7 degree 7 degree
Maximum wind velocity 14m/second 14m/second
Cage rotation (left and right) 45° 45°
Static stability of built up unit on chassis to incline of 17° 17°
Chassis GVW required (chassis is to be arranged by the purchaser).Chassis should be ARAI/VRDE compliant, with factory fitted driver’s cabin and external PTO.Engine power shall be minimum 140HP. 37T GVW Chassis recommended is Mahindra model Truxo37 37T GVW Chassis recommended is Mahindra model Truxo37
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