Knuckle-Boom Cranes

Liftmak LMFTC 8000
Liftmak LMFTC 12000
Liftmak LMFTC 15000
Liftmak LMFTC 18000


Liftmak LMFTC 8000/12000/15000/18000 fully hydraulic and foldable cranes, built in India at ISO 9001:2000 certified Liftmak works in Gurgaon, India, offer unmatched utility and operational flexibility.

Some of the applications of knuckle boom cranes: Handling stores/materials self-loading them on truck, since the crane occupies only 1.50-1.70m lateral space on the truck chassis. The precise inching control of the crane makes it possible to position any load, say for example, transformer on pole with ease.

Handling poles. As an option we can offer a special pole grab, which can assist in erection of the poles.Log handling with log grab. The grab has a hydraulic rotator to position grab as required.

Desilting of open drains with grab/clamshell. Clamshell is perforated to allow water to drain out, while retaining silt in the grab/clamshell.Drilling holes with hydraulic auger.Overhead access of street lights/any elevated point, requiring access by man, with manlift basket.

Action photographs of Liftmak LMFTC 8000/12000/15000/18000 hydraulic foldable cranes are as under. Kindly note that most customers have opted for mounting of crane at rear end of vehicle as rear mounting offers superior clear outreach (closer approach to load); however, there is no difficulty in mounting it behind drivers cabin, if so desired.

Crane in folded position. Note that crane takes only 1.55m lateral space of chassis for mounting, leaving adequate space on truck body for ‘self-loading’

Crane with telescopic booms extended, boom raised and all 4-outriggers deployed. Note operator seated in comfort on seat mounted in elevated position on slew column for commanding visibility of hook irrespective of boom position Crane featured has max horizontal reach/height 9.5m/11m respectively

1. Lifting Moment T x M 8.0 12.0 15.0 18.0
2. Maximum standard reach with hydraulic extensions MM 9500 9500 9500 9500
3. Maximum optional reach with hydraulic extensions M Up to 11.0 10.0/10.5/11.0 Up to 11.0 10.0/10.5/11.0 Up to 12.0 10.0/10.5/11.0 11.5/12.0 Up to 12.0 10.0/10.5/11.0 11.5/12.0
4. Lifting Capacity at max. standard reach of 9500mm KG. 845 1265 1500 1800
5. Max. height under hook above installation level MM 10000 10000 10000 10000
6. No. of hydraulic stabilizers No. 4 4 4 4
7. Slew Range – both directions degrees 360°+ continuous, unlimited, endless 360°+ continuous, unlimited, endless 360°+ continuous, unlimited, endless 360°+ continuous, unlimited, endless
8. Max. Height – Stowed ( from installation level ) MM 2450 2750 2750 2750
9. Stabilizers width stowed MM 2200 2500 2500 2500
10. Stabilizer width extended MM 4300 4300 4300 4300
11. Chassis G.V.W recommended KG. 11000 16000 16000 16000
12. Mounting space needed (either behind cabin or at vehicle rear) MM 1500 1500 1700 1700

Note: In view of the constant developments and improvements, specifications are subject to change without notice.

  • Other standard models available are LMFTC7500 (7.5TM), LMFTC25000 (25TM), LMFTC30000 (30TM).
  • Hydraulic Winch is offered as standard on the above models (can be deleted if not needed).
  • Additional Hydraulic / Manual extensions can be provided as optional extra.
  • Controls are provided with elevated operators seat on the slew column.
  • Optional: * Single button electronic auto-levelling of outriggers to level vehicle automatically.
  • * Load indicator at hook.
  • * Graphic display panel at crane control station indicating load, moment, reach.
  • * Grab, clamshell, log grab, pole grab, auger, manlift basket.

Salient Features

Fully hydraulic:All functions of our crane are fully hydraulic. The hydraulically operated functions are:

  • Unlimited, endless, continuous full circle (and beyond) slew in both directions
  • Derricking – i.e. lifting of main boom
  • Dipper boom, for precise load location
  • Telescopic booms
  • Hydraulic winch
  • All four outriggers. Both out & down movements of the outriggers/stabilizers are hydraulically operated
  • UUBeing fully hydraulic, loads can be located and positioned with inch by inch accuracy and precision.

Self-loading design: Our knuckle boom cranes fully folds when not in use leaving entire deck/body of truck free for ‘self-loading’. This feature enables you to transport materials on the same chassis on which the crane is mounted, thus enhancing the utility of the equipment. The crane booms fold in between the twin columns over the slew; i.e. an in-line boom geometry, unlike outdated designs which have off-set booms. Offset booms create off-center load on boom/slew and moreover a permanent potential structural weakness the point where booms are offset with respect to each other.

Unlimited continuous slewing range in both directions: Our knuckle boom crane has unlimited endless slew in both directions, making load location easy, even in multi-task handling. This feature is a significant improvement as compared to conventional designs, which offer limited slew of 380-400 degree, making load handling difficult and sometimes impossible in area of overlap (near locking zone)

Elevated controls on slew column: Our knuckle boom crane incorporates elevated controls on slew column and placed ergonomically near the operators seat. This allows the comfortably seated operator to have full visibility of hook and load at all times, irrespective of crane position. Many conventional designs offer compromised control at ground level, where operator has to stand on ground for crane operation.

Safety devices: Liftmak LMFTC cranes are equipped with the following safety features to ensure safety exceeding standards specified in IS 4573/1982 –

  • Automatic overload cut off with audio-visual alarm.
  • Load holding valves in all cylinders to lock movement in case of hose failure.
  • Outrigger to boom and boom to outrigger interlock* (*manual lever control) to ensure that crane cannot be operated unless outriggers are deployed and vice-versa.
  • Limit switch to prevent overhoisting of winch beyond desired level.
  • Hand operated pump for stowing crane and lowering load safely in case of engine/main pump failure.
  • Optional single button outrigger auto-levelling system, to level vehicle up to an accuracy of 0.5 degrees.
  • Auto-levelling eliminates possibility of human error for levelling of the vehicle before the crane is operated.
  • UUOptionalUU graphic display indicating load, extension and height.
  • UUOptionalUU load indicator at hook.
  • UUOptionalUU radio control for crane operations by remote control.
  • UUOptionalUU manlift basket at boom end for use of crane as access platform.

Liftmak model LMFTC 8000/12000/15000/18000 cranes are mountable on any MMV/HCV chassis having a wheel-base exceeding 3750mm as specified in the table on page 10.

Mounting of the crane is feasible either at rear end of the vehicle (preferable as it offers better clear outreach) or behind drivers cabin of the vehicle ( suitable in case materials having long length are to be self-loaded on the truck body, such as long girders, poles etc).


Power for the hydraulic crane is provided by a hydraulic pump driven from chassis power take off unit only. The pump is of ample and sufficient output for normal smooth operation of the crane with low engine speed.

Hydraulic reservoir is incorporated in the main frame and hydraulic circuit is fully protected by efficient filters.Pump and motor is of reputed make such as Dowty, Vickers, Danfoss or equivalent.


The hydraulic hoses are located so that they do not interfere with the movement of the crane, booms etc. Make of hoses offered is Dunlop/Swastik/Superseal or equivalent.


The booms are made from MS structural steel of good quality. Telescopic boom (as offered) sections are rigid,reinforced box section. All fabricated sections are rust inhibited from the inside while the exterior surfaces are pretreated and finished to give a glossy look.


Four hydraulic-out and hydraulic-down stabilizers, hydraulically powered, are provided, two at rear & two in front.Each of the stabilizers is operated independently, to allow levelling on uneven ground. Suitable level indicators are provided to check the level, both along the length as well as along the width of the chassis/vehicle.

When stowed, no part of the stabilizers protrude beyond the chassis Suitable manually operated interlocks are provided to ensure that the stabilizers cannot be retracted until crane booms are stowed and also to ensure that booms cannot be operated until stabilizers are deployed.

As an option, a single push-button outrigger auto-levelling system is available, which automatically commands the outriggers to level the vehicle. The auto-levelling mechanism eliminates the possibility of human error in leveling the machine. Levelling of the vehicle before use is most important, to prevent the possibility of accident/toppling.


All crane motions are performed either by double acting hydraulic cylinders or hydraulic motors with automatic brake.

  • The cylinder tubes are of ST52, cold drawn seamless tubes conforming to DIN 2391, having H8 tolerance and surface roughness Ra0.2 microns.
  • The piston rods are of CK45, hard chrome plated and ground steel rods having minimum 20 microns hard chrome plating and surface roughness Ra0.2 microns and corrosion resistance NSS ISO 3768 & ASS/ISO3769.
  • Piston glands are from EN8.
  • Seals are of Bushak, Shamban.
  • U-cup seal are of Polyurethane.
  • Hoses are tested to twice rated pressure and the bursting pressure shall be at least four times the rated pressure.

The hydraulic foldable crane models LMFTC 8000/12000/15000/18000 are designed for continuous slewing by a high torque, low speed motor, through reduction gear box up to and beyond 360° in either direction –continuous, unlimited. Slewing speed is precisely controlled by using fine restrictors in the circuit.


A special designed reinforced fibre-glass basket of size 1.1×0.7×1.1M approx. is provided. All attachment points are bonded to withstand most arduous use. The non-slip floor with drain holes is provided to give the operator safe working condition. The basket is insulated to withstand 600 volts, even though the platform is not to be used on live line. The basket is designed to carry a safe working load of 200 kgs. The hydraulic platform design is such that entry and exit into/from cage is easy. The cage is leveled by gravity, suitably stabilized by cylinders. Controls of the basket are at crane control station located at slew column.


The hydraulic controls for all functions (except outriggers) are at top seat on slew column. This enables operator to have full visibility of load at all times. All control levers shall be self-centering and hooded for protection against accidental operations. A hand pump permitting lowering of the boom is provided at the base in case of vehicle engine/electrical system failure. The stabilizer controls are provided only at base, at rear of vehicle.